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Welcome to Compassionate Counseling

A Comprehensive Mental Health Group Practice

Conveniently Located in the South Hills of Pittsburgh

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Our mission is to provide high-quality, individualized, affordable counseling services to clients in need. Our therapist collective provides client-centered counseling services in ways that uniquely overcome barriers to treatment, emphasizing wellness and empathy. We support clients through therapist expertise, multicultural competency, inclusivity, and an attitude of welcoming sensitivity. At Compassionate Counseling, we are committed to matching you with a therapist to meet your needs. 

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Our Care Philosophy

Embracing a Patient-Centered Framework

Through all of our work at Compassionate Counseling, we stay true to the core values of patient-centered care. That means always putting patients' well-being first, maintaining absolute transparency, and including patients and their families in decision-making. We're proud to operate Compassionate Counseling as a supportive, welcoming environment for everyone who needs our care.

Our collaborative work with Brookline Teen Outreach brings early intervention mental health services

to youth and their families and enables us to deepen our reach and resource sharing to

the Brookline community.

In an effort to increase the quality of care in the therapeutic community, we partner with local universities to support clinical mental health counselors and social workers in training to grow their clinical skills and provide them with extensive training and supervision opportunities.

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