Let yourself become the person you were meant to be.  Depression, anxiety, past trauma, or life issues no longer need to hold you back from your dreams and aspirations.

take control of


stop talking


Therapy is action-oriented.  You no longer need to feel powerless - as if other people or life's circumstances have control of your life. Each of us has the capacity to take charge of our lives, and to move forward in positive directions.


Your Greatest Self.

Together, the client and therapist explore and broaden the range of feelings and emotions, to help deepen understanding and to manage these feelings more effectively.


Therapy is provided for individuals, couples and families, without limitations on age or gender.  Through the use of cognitive behavioral therapy and a solution-focused approach for adults, with the additional approach of play therapy for children, clients can learn about themselves in a deeper and broader way. This new understanding can then be used in a variety of situations as a means of self-growth and for problem-solving. Even after therapy ends, people find that they can take their new skills and self-knowledge, and continue to improve their lives.



Providing therapy for individuals, couples and families; without limitations on age or gender.

Do you feel that problems have robbed you of your happiness?


Do you feel that life is overwhelming, and that you can no longer cope?


Through counseling, we can explore solutions, discover your strengths, and help to make sense out of what can feel like chaos and confusion together. The saying, “every journey begins with a single step”, can reflect the feeling of liberation that comes from beginning the process of self-discovery through counseling.


Having the support, understanding, and positive regard of an experienced counselor can make all the difference.

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