Compassionate Counseling

Our Counselors:

Sliding scale 30.00 to 69.00 based on financial need

·         Individual therapy initial session $98.00

·         Individual therapy 45 minute session $69.00

·         Couples/Family therapy $74.00 per session

·         Mobile therapy $75.00

·         Clinical supervision $30.00 per hour



Michael Mignogna,  MS, PC


M.S. in Professional Counseling, Addictions Specialist

Masters of Counseling from Carlow University (MSPC)


You matter. Your thoughts, feelings and experiences matter. You are in the driver's seat during the session. My job is to adjust my approach and intervention techniques to where you are at in your life. We can address areas like anxiety, depression, bipolar, family dynamics/abuse and grief. I have particular experience in trauma and specifically those raised by potentially borderline and/or narcissistic parents.

My specialty and research is on how trauma affects personal growth and disrupts daily functioning particularity with adult children whose parents have mental illness. I also have experience with a broad range of sex and sexuality areas including asexuality, transgender, gay, lesbian, bisexuality and sexual dysfunction.

I have many years experience in performing arts, writing and music. I bring these skills into sessions. In addition, I worked in corporate Human Resources before entering the counseling profession; thus, I have many years experience helping others to achieve career goals. Currently, I'm working on completing EMDR training.


   Leon Ginn MS, PC


Leon Ginn M.S. Professional Counselor

M.S. in Professional Counseling from Carlow University (MS)

Active member of the American Counseling Association (ACA)

Life is difficult; making sense of challenges and choices can be complicated. Times of stress can tax every relationship, even the relationship with our self. As a Professional Counselor my goal is to create a relationship in which you can feel comfortable exploring your thoughts and emotions, assisting in discovering new opportunities for growth and change.

 In therapy we will cultivate, explore, and direct that change, working together to promote more authentic and satisfying ways of living. We will build a treatment plan and relationship that uniquely suits you, joining in understanding your past, paying attention to your current embodied way of living, and creating new ways of being, socializing, and thinking.


We all deserve happiness and understanding. Let’s clear the path to these together.


My specialties include but are not limited to: Mindfulness, Trauma, Sexuality,

Life Transitions, Domestic Violence, Self-Esteem, Peer Relationships, Divorce,

Depression, Grief and Bereavement, Anxiety

Jonathan Carmelitano MS, Professional Counselor

Jonathan Carmelitano




Masters of Science in Counseling Psychology from Robert Morris University

American Counseling Association (ACA)

Regardless of what walk of life you come from; no matter where or how you’ve been raised and how you view the world, you deserve to be heard, validated, and treated with unconditional, positive regard. Life can provide us with both wonder and doubt within the realm of its mystique. You don’t have to navigate it alone. In my sessions, I promote a space that is completely free of judgement, encourage you to speak freely and openly, and provide an emotional support system. I believe in genuineness, empathy, and unconditional positive regard and see all three combined as a mantra within sessions.


Experienced work with teens and young adults to achieve greater awareness within themselves and their environment, developing life skills both personal and professional, and to ensure the development of a greater well-being.

Julia Morrow MS, Professional Counselor

Masters of Counseling from Carlow University (MSPC)

Active member of the American Counseling Association (ACA)

"Does the idea of counseling seem overwhelming to you, or not sure if counseling is right for you? I’m here to help you get started in your journey with us.


As a counselor and the intake specialist for new clients, I believe in meeting you where you are to help you reach your goals. Life throws a lot of things at us. I’m here to help you take on and overcome whatever that may be. Counseling should be a place you can go to feel like ‘yourself.’ I will teach you skills and techniques in a safe environment for you to learn and explore who you are. Together we will work to create the version of yourself you want to be.


I aim to leave room in the counseling experience for the things that make us all unique. I take a genuine approach to making connections through empathy, humor, and optimism.


I work with children, teens, and adults as individuals, couples, and families. I also lead the adventure based program for teens. I utilize a person-centered approach to counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, solution focused therapy and play therapy. "

Julia Morrow MS, PC


            M Dillie MA, PC



M Dillie  M.A. Professional Counselor

BA in Women’s Studies and Social Work from East Tennessee State University

MA  Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of the Cumberlands

"As a counselor, I draw inspiration from person-centered, feminist, and narrative theories. Basically, this means I genuinely love people and their stories! I am here to support you in re-writing the story of your life in a way that is meaningful and empowering to you. Together, we can build a space where you feel safe and supported to explore your thoughts, feelings, values, and behaviors. I also use humor, expressive arts, mindfulness, and polyvagal exercises to facilitate safety and connection for you.


Service and social justice are at the heart of my work, and I recognize there are many barriers to accessing therapy. I provide remote sessions and sliding scale services to folks across PA to make therapy more affordable and inclusive. Lived experience and marginalized voices are uplifted and centered in my work.


I support individuals age 14+ in addressing issues such as anxiety, depression, life transitions, grief/loss, illness/disability, career, relationships, gender, and sexuality. You are the expert on your own identity and experience, and I celebrate that! My hope is that you will emerge from therapy with skills to navigate your situation, knowledge of available resources, and power to cultivate more joy, delight, and pleasure in your life."

Our Professional Counselors are able to see clients on a self pay and sliding scale basis.