Adventure Based Counseling (ABC)Programs utilize a hands-on approach of carefully designed activities, group iAdventure nitiatives, and outdoor challenges to promote trust, communication, cooperation, creative problem solving, and personal responsibility.


In addition, adventure based activities help develop:

Social skills

•Improved communication

•Understanding of teamwork

•Group cohesion

•Building of trust in others


Challenge courses or challenging outdoor activites offer the opportunity for teamwork, critical thinking, social interaction, assignment of new and challenging roles, the opportunity for leadership, and the development of problem-solving skills.


ABC (Adventure Based Counseling) programs emphasize diversity as a strength, and seek to help participants appreciate differences among group members


The novel settings and unique activities allow individuals to break patterns of behavior and recognize their untapped potential, while also allowing them to view others in a new and positive way. Especially for adolescents, therapy can be perceived as unpleasant, unwanted, and uncomfortable. Gaining the cooperation of an adolescent in therapy can be a difficult task! •Adventure based counseling is presented in a way that is acceptable to and enjoyable for teens, while at the same time, accomplishes goals desired by parents, teachers and other adults in their lives.


Adventure therapy encompasses varying techniques and environments to elicit change. These include cooperative games, problem solving initiatives, trust building activities,high adventure (rock climbing/rappelling, ropes courses, peak ascents); and wilderness expeditions (backpacking, canoeing, dog sledding, sailing, white water rafting, etc.).



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