Meet Our Team

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Diana Fischerkeller MS,


LPC, Clinical Director


Extensive experience and success in working with individuals with anxiety, phobias, depression, relationship issues, and medical conditions which affect mental health. Therapies used include Cognitive Behavioral, Solution-focused, and Reality therapy, to address multiple problems experienced by individuals, couples, and families.

I use a holistic, wellness-based approach, and recognize the positive impact that spirituality can have in the healing process of therapy. My goal is to walk with you on your journey towards change in a positive direction.


Michael Mignogna "MJ"

MS, LPC Counselor


You matter. Your thoughts, feelings and experiences matter. I have a broad range of concentration areas and research experience. My specialty is helping adults work through the trauma of being raised by potentially borderline and/or narcissistic parents. I am a safe counselor for gender and sexual minorities. I offer years of experience in Career Counseling. I am an EMDR therapist.

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Joan Mercer

MS, LPC, Counselor


Areas of specialty include substance abuse, trauma, grief counseling, and elder care/geriatric related issues. I have experience working with individuals across every stage of life. I love utilizing creative and expressive arts interventions when appropriate. I also offer Christian based counseling for those seeking a faith-based perspective.

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Jonathan Carmelitano, MS, PC



Life can provide us with both wonder and doubt within the realm of its mystique. You don’t have to navigate it alone. In my sessions, I promote a space that is completely free of judgement, encourage you to speak freely and openly, and provide an emotional support system. Experienced work with mood disorders (anxiety, depression, etc.) and utilizing a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy in order to help develop greater awareness and problem-solving alternatives to behaviors; I have experience working with children/teens and adults to achieve a greater awareness within themselves and their environment.


Katie Voorman, MS, PC,

Counselor, Intake Specialist


I believe that regardless of the issues in your life, therapy can give you time and space to rewrite your story with the strengths you already possess. 

Using evidence-based practices grounded in narrative theory, social justice, person-centered work, and humanism, I prioritize counseling methods and coping mechanisms that work for you and your situation.

I offer services for clients of all backgrounds and walks of life specializing in LGBTQ+ populations.

Robert Burns,

Office Manager


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Leon Ginn, MS, PC



Life is difficult; making sense of challenges, choices, and stress can be complicated. As a Professional Counselor my goal is to create a relationship in which you can feel comfortable exploring your thoughts and emotions, assisting in discovering new opportunities for growth and change, forging new relationships with yourself and those around you. We all deserve happiness and understanding - let’s clear the path to these together.


Julia Morrow, MS, PC,




Does the idea of counseling seem overwhelming to you, or not sure if counseling is right for you? I’m here to help you get started in your journey with us.

 I have a passion for working with young adults and teens. I believe in meeting you where you are to help you reach your goals, from concerns with relationships, mood, to life transitions. I work with teens, and adults as individuals, couples, and families. I utilize a person-centered approach to counseling while utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy, solution focused therapy and play therapy.

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M Dillie, MA, PC, Counselor


My approach is grounded in service, social justice, and intersectional feminism. Together, we will create a safer space where you feel supported in deconstructing and re-writing the story of your life in a way that is meaningful and empowering to you. Lived experience and marginalized voices are uplifted and centered in my work – you are the expert on your own identity and reality, and I celebrate that! My hope is that you will develop skills to navigate your situation, knowledge of available resources, and agency to cultivate more joy, delight, and pleasure in your life.

I have eleven years of diverse business experience from working with teens, adults, and elderly populations  in addition to my own business that aid me in working with our clients and therapists. I also lead the adventure based programming with our sister organization Brookline Teen Outreach. My goal is to support clients and therapists in achieving positive change and improved mental health.